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Chocolate Lovers

Welcome to the Bar! As your craft chocolate bar tender, Bar Cacao loves to serve you up some beautiful craft chocolate, along with some great conversation.

Here at Bar Cacao’s online site, you’ll discover cacao-producing regions, chocolate makers and everything in between and beyond the two. As your bar tender, I can tell you a bit about all of it: I’ve spent years globetrotting to find out exactly what this stuff called craft chocolate is all about, from bud to bar to palate. Craft chocolate’s not only one of the most satisfying products around, it’s nothing short of inspiring.

In the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, watch for happy hour tastings–use the contact page to schedule your own or request the newsletter–to discover a wide range of craft chocolate that you may also purchase. Bar hopping has never been so delicious!

Elsewhere in the US?  I’ll help you find the perfect selections for yourself or someone (else!) special: receive a custom care package in the mail that suits your palate–and your budget. Just send a message through the contact link to get started.

Makers currently on offer: Ritual Chocolate, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Fresco Chocolate, Askinosie Chocolate, Fruition Chocolate, Bar au Chocolat, Dandelion Chocolate, Rogue Chocolatier, Palette de Bine, Willie’s, Sirene, Patric, Domori and more select picks of the finest American craft chocolate.

So, please relax and enjoy, hopefully along with a chocolate discovery of your own in hand.  You can find more Bar Cacao on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Jessica Ferraro


Craft Chocolate Chain

In the craft chocolate industry? Chocolate maker, retailer or cacao producer? 

Bar Cacao supports the new craft chocolate supply chain at these levels, primarily through brokering chocolate and organizing events and tours. Check Retailers and Makers for curated craft chocolate partnerships.