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Welcome to the Bar! As your craft chocolate bar tender, Bar Cacao loves to serve up beautiful craft chocolate, along with some food for thought.

Here at Bar Cacao’s online site, you’ll discover cacao-producing regions, chocolate makers and everything in between and beyond the two. As your bar tender, I can tell you a bit about all of it: I’ve spent years globetrotting to find out exactly what this stuff called craft chocolate is all about, from bud to bar to palate. Craft chocolate’s not only one of the most satisfying products around, it’s nothing short of inspiring.

In the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, visit supportive partner retailers,  watch for happy hour tastings–or use the contact page to schedule your own--to discover a wide range of craft chocolate. Bar hopping has never been so delicious!

Elsewhere in the US? I’ll help you find the perfect selections for yourself or someone (else!) special: receive a custom care package in the mail that suits your palate–and your budget. Just click that button below to start chocolate bar hopping.

So, please relax and enjoy, hopefully along with a chocolate discovery in hand.  You can find more Bar Cacao on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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For the Craft Chocolate Chain

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In the craft chocolate industry? 

Chocolate maker, retailer or cacao producer? 

Bar Cacao primarily works to develop and support the post-production segment of the new craft chocolate supply chain, through brokering chocolate, engaging retailers in developing and supporting craft chocolate programs, advising makers on best practices, judging chocolate and organizing tasting events.

On the cacao production side of the supply chain, Bar Cacao has gained significant exposure to fine cacao production in Ecuador, Venezuela, Belize and beyond. Sourcing trips for industry professionals coming in 2018.

Check Retailers and Makers to learn more about Bar Cacao's curated craft chocolate partnerships. 

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About Jessica Ferraro

Jessica Ferraro Nacional Miraflores Ecuador

Ever since I fell for a Bonnat bar in Paris in 2007, I've been working to surround myself and everyone within hollering distance with the good stuff. Little did I expect to do so much to make that happen, but I've found myself involved with a slew of the best craft chocolate makers, top retailers and the chocolate-loving public while developing and supporting new craft chocolate programs in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. 

I lecture at places like the Northwest Chocolate Festival, host Happy Hour and Meet Your Maker events, judge regularly for the International Chocolate Awards and Good Food Awards and generally do all I can to sway as many as possible to the dark side.

As a longtime world traveler, I hit the road regularly throughout the cacao-loving tropics from Belize to Venezuela to Cameroon and beyond. I'm now working to connect chocolate makers with cacao producers through sourcing trips to Ecuador and beyond.