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January: San Francisco FCIA/Fancy Food Show


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Spring: Americas & Asia International Chocolate Awards Judging


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June: NY FCIA/Fancy Food Show


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TBA: Ecuador Origin Trips


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November: Seattle Northwest Chocolate Festival


Join the ever-growing international craft chocolate community in celebrating craft chocolate all weekend long.

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Meet Your Maker: Chloe Chocolat

Sunday, January 17th 4-6 pm

Impact Hub, San Francisco

Bar Cacao is honored to present world-renowned chocolate expert Chloe Doutre-Roussel. Chloe is perhaps the single-most influential professional in craft chocolate, having done everything from supporting fine flavor cacao at origin to advising the chocolate makers we know and love to developing chocolate from tree to bar. Chloe’s palate and knowledge base are second to none, so this opportunity to taste with her is one not to miss.

Please join us in exploring craft chocolate through tasting and discussion, from unfortunately flawed to supremely delightful. We’ll taste no fewer than eight chocolates selected to highlight the similarities and differences amongst different chocolate makers and different cacao origins. We’ll learn about the flaws and attributes of chocolate and what’s behind them, with plenty of time for discussion.

Resume highlights: Chloe Doutre Roussel has been exploring the world of chocolate for more than 35 years, visiting plantations and production units, and collaborating with experts in various fields. She is committed to meeting the people behind the products to learn their stories, values, and visions, and to relentlessly analyze processes, marketing, trends, and development strategies. Chloé is a former buyer at Fortnum and Mason, shop manager at Ladurée, author of The Chocolate Connoisseur, and creator of Chloe Chocolat in Paris. She has also worked with El Ceibo, a co-operative of cocoa farmers in Bolivia, to develop the first range of gourmet chocolate for export wholly produced by the cocoa growers. Chloé is a regular juror at the Academy of Chocolate Awards (AOC) and at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. She is member of honor of the AOC, founding member of the Academia del Chocolate of Ecuador, and member of the Advisory Board of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA).



Meet Your Makers: Maya Mountain Cacao

Thursday, January 14th 6:30-8 pm

Impact Hub, San Francisco

Ever think to yourself, “How different could these chocolates be? They’re made with the same cacao.” Well, this one’s for you.

Join Maya Mountain Cacao and an epic lineup of top craft chocolate makers for a most excellent time tasting and talking our way through several chocolates made from the award-winning cooperative’s Belizean cacao. Emily Stone and Maya Granit of Maya Mountain Cacao will share what makes the coop so special. (Spoiler: pretty much everything.) Then chocolate makers will offer their interpretations of the beans and bars made from the good stuff.

Chocolate makers include Adam Dick of Dick Taylor, Bryan Graham of Fruition Chocolate, Christine Blais of Palette de Bine, David Menkes of LetterPress Chocolate, Anna Davies and Robbie Stout of Ritual Chocolate and Caitlin of Dandelion Chocolate.

PLEASE NOTE that not all chocolate makers are fully confirmed, and that others may be added to the good times.



Meet Your Maker: Carla Martin, Harvard’s Chocolate Professor

Wednesday, September 9th 6:30-7:30

Chocolate geeks rejoice! Bar Cacao‘s Meet Your Maker series continues with Carla D. Martin, PhD.

Remember your favorite professor, the one who was so downright interesting, friendly and fun she made you want to soak it all in and shine? Well, that’s Carla. She may not be a maker, but she’s an entertainingly brilliant mover and shaker in the craft chocolate world.

Get a taste of her Harvard course, Chocolate, Culture and the Politics of Food, and learn about Carla’s newly launched nonprofit, the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. And by taste, we mean a literal one: we’ll talk and taste our way through a handful of craft chocolates.

Net proceeds support The Fine Cacao and Chocolate Initiative. A limited supply of chocolate will be available for purchase. Our gracious Four Barrel Coffee hosts will provide basic refreshments and palate cleansers to accompany the tasting. Space is limited, so don’t miss out!

Talk details:

Your Chocolate May Be Fine, But Is It Good? Craft chocolate professionals and consumers who want to make sound purchasing decisions that meet their own ethical criteria face an array of challenges. This talk will provide accurate, concise information that surveys the social and environmental risk factors associated with the cacao-chocolate supply chain. We’ll cover the differences among certifications, challenges in ethical sourcing of the most common ingredients in chocolate, and what the research says about how effective industry standards are today. If you’re a chocolate consumer, this will demystify product labeling and allow you to better identify chocolate that meets your ethical criteria.


Craft Chocolate Happy Hour Summer Sale

Bodega Wine Bar, 814 Broadway, Santa Monica

Monday, August 31st 5:30-7:30 pm

Dear Mom, 2600 16th St., San Francisco

Monday, August 17th 5:30-7:30 pm

Time for a summer sale on some of your favorite chocolates! Taste your way through over a dozen bars and get them for a steal. Bodega’s happy hour goes all night, so come relax for a while. Dear Mom’s happy hour runs until 7, so come maximize that cash stash.

Bar Cacao Happy Hour

Dear Mom, 2600 16th St, San Francisco

Sunday, July 19th 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Come craft chocolate bar hopping! Explore the remarkable world of craft chocolate by TASTING through some of the finest craft chocolates in the world. Bar Cacao is pleased to offer a carefully curated selection of exclusive, hard-to-find, award-winning craft chocolates and the stories behind them. This happy hour features TEN International Chocolate Award winners from Palette de Bine, Rogue Chocolatier, Fruition, Ritual, Dick Taylor and Fresco. I’ll have lots to say: I judged and attended the announcement celebration. It’s Dear Mom’s happy hour, too, so try your hand at pairing. All bars available for purchase; lucky you!


Meet Your Maker: Rob Anderson of Fresco Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate, 740 Valencia St, San Francisco

Saturday, August 15th, 11 am

Bar Cacao is pleased to continue the Meet Your Maker series with Rob Anderson of Fresco Chocolate.

Rob has been making chocolate since 2010 with a unique perspective: he chooses an interesting cacao, sets the percentage, then varies the roasting and conching processes to create several different chocolates. In as little as two tastes, you learn quite a bit about craft chocolate: the similarities are about the cacao, and the differences are about the processing…a supremely delicious education.

Come explore the variables of chocolate making with Rob. Bars available for purchase.


Meet Your Maker: Dustin Taylor of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Upstairs at Sixth Course, 1544 15th St, San Francisco

Saturday, May 30th 4:00 pm to 6:00 pmBar Cacao is pleased to continue the Meet Your Maker series next week with Dustin Taylor, co-founder of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate.

Dustin, along with his good friend Adam Dick, have been making chocolate up in Humboldt County since 2010, rapidly becoming favorites in the blossoming American craft chocolate movement by making two-ingredient chocolate that’s as beautiful as its award-winning presentation.

Dustin will take you through a guided tasting of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, his and Adam’s award-winning line of craft chocolate bars, with cacao sourced from some of the finest origins in the world. Dustin has lots of stories to tell about living the good life as a chocolate maker, so come satisfy your curiosity next Saturday afternoon.Arrive at 4:00 to say hello to Dustin and mix and mingle with fellow chocolate bar hoppers. Guided tasting and talk will begin at 4:30. Bars available for purchase.

One night only: this is an event not to miss! Get your tickets now.


Bar Cacao Happy Hour

Upstairs at Sixth Course, 1544 15th St, San Francisco

Thursday, May 14th 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Come craft chocolate bar hopping! Explore the remarkable world of craft chocolate by TASTING through some of the finest craft chocolates in the world. Bar Cacao is pleased to offer a carefully curated selection of exclusive, hard-to-find, award-winning craft chocolates and the stories behind them. Expect top picks from Palette de Bine, Bar au Chocolat, Rogue Chocolatier, Fruition, Ritual, Askinosie, Dick Taylor and Fresco. Glassware and water provided. You are welcome to bring pairing beverages. All bars available for purchase; lucky you!


Bar Cacao Happy Hour

Schedule your own in the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas! Bring curated craft chocolate to your next meeting, team-building event or party. Just send a message on the Contact page and we’ll take it from there.