Mission: Craft Chocolate CA

I was asked so frequently where to find craft chocolate in California that I made it my mission to connect the best craft chocolate makers with the finest specialty shops in the state. I realized that if I could influence the influencers in specialty food, our collaboration would help to drive the craft chocolate movement in a positive direction. 

Years later, I find myself deeply connected with both remarkable chocolate makers and the most influential shops in Los Angeles and San Francisco, working to curate an outstanding range of chocolate for you to explore. Today you can find the fruits of these labors in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where Bar Cacao, Dick Taylor, Ritual, Fresco, Fruition, Amano and other exceptional craft chocolate makers are taking root and thriving.

Below is a current list of Bar Cacao's retail partners in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Happy hunting!

Bar (S)hopping

Bi-Rite Markets

It’s an honor to work with Bi-Rite to help guests raise their craft chocolate bars since 2011. All of Bar Cacao’s primary maker partners have graced the shelves at this influential specialty grocer. Come talk and taste chocolate here during Bar Cacao’s regular tasting events at both 18th & Divis locations.


This anchor of Brentwood Country Mart is pretty remarkable: it’s not only an exceptional restaurant, it’s also a beautifully curated artisan market, all under one stylish roof. I’ve been working with Farmshop since right around its opening in 2012. We’re constantly talking and tasting chocolate, so the shop carries some of the best craft chocolate around, including the primary makers I work with: Dick Taylor, Fresco, Fruition, Ritual and Askinosie. They’re one of the few that carries Dandelion, as well.

Rainbow Grocery

40-year-old vegetarian co-op that supports a broad range of Ritual, Dick Taylor, Askinosie, Fresco, Fruition and an ever-expanding selection of craft chocolate.

Wally's Wine & Vinoteca

The Cheese Box at Wally’s Wine: Wally’s Wine, around since the 60s, has become a heavy hitter in the wine world in Los Angeles, and its adjacent Cheese Box offers the same for cheese and specialty goods. I’ve worked with Jenny Knotts and her team to add excellent craft chocolate to their specialty food selection inside The Cheese Box. They now carry not only one of the best craft chocolate selections in LA, including Dick Taylor, Ritual, Fruition, Askinosie, Fresco and Dandelion, but also a solid selection of internationally-produced chocolate, like Amedei, Bonnat and Marou. Their sandwiches are deservedly enormously popular, and friendly, knowledgeable cheesemongers are happy to offer tastes of chocolate and, of course, lots of cheese…

Wally’s Vinoteca: Posh, downright swanky new Beverly Hills address is filled with Ritual, Dick Taylor, Fresco, Fruition, Askinosie and select others in addition to that whole amazingly beautiful-people wine bar scene. Also carries the infamous To’ak, if you have $260 to spare. The Marciano brothers of Guess fame have an international expansion plan, and Wally’s Vinoteca in Beverly Hills is its first stage. Expect shops in Chicago, New York, Paris and London down the line. Armand Marciano wants Bar Cacao to grow with Wally’s both nationally and internationally, so stay tuned.

Farm Fresh To You

A wraparound checkout area filled with chocolate of all kinds has been raising its bar ever since Anderson welcomed Bar Cacao and the makers it supports onto its shelves. This is one of the best places for selection and price for craft chocolate in the Bay.

Erewhon Grocery

An excellent range of craft chocolate has arrived at Los Angeles’s favorite health food store, because “if it’s here, it’s good for you.”

Larchmont Wine & Cheese

Walk right into a wall of chocolate to pair with the bottle of wine you need. Save room for a deli sandwich, and say hi to Sergio and Simon.

Chocolate Covered

Jack has kept me and the city covered for my original love, Bonnat, and others like Rogue. My go-to shop for Soma. Yes, Soma. You’re welcome.

The Oaks Gourmet

Bar Cacao’s newest LA-area relationship, though The Oaks has flirted with Fruition, Askinosie and Dick Taylor in the past. They’re now committed to those makers, Ritual, Fresco and more with Bar Cacao’s support.

Other Avenues

SF co-op in the Outer Sunset that has a carefully curated selection of Ritual, Dick Taylor and Askinosie.

Madison Chocolate

Partnering with choco-chica Megan Hile on curation support for Madison Chocolate's Chocolate Library in Madison, Wisconsin, brings the chocolate community together for you to enjoy.

Coming soon

Where would you like to see a craft chocolate program?

Bom Dia: Defunct

Beautifully curated specialty shop in Noe Valley has raised its bar with an entire shelf dedicated to the makers that Bar Cacao works with: Ritual, Dick Taylor, Askinosie, Fresco and Fruition.

Venokado: Defunct

This is the very first shop in LA to work with both Ritual and Bar Cacao. Dick Taylor is now quite popular. 24 Blackbirds has been spotted here, too.

K&L Wine Merchants

Ritual, Dick Taylor, Fruition and Fresco arrived in time for the holidays! Test your pairing skills with access to the best.

Sixth Course

A carefully curated wall of craft chocolate bars from Ritual, Dick Taylor, Fruition and Askinosie enhances dessert nirvana in the Mission. If your favorite isn’t here, Bar Cacao’s chocolate closet is just a block away.